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We always aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk in, our highly trained team are always available to offer any help and advice.

Veterinary Surgeons

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John Goacher BVMS GPCert(SADen&OS) MRCVS Head Vet Partner

John is our Head Vet and along with Wife Ashley have owned and ran A+G Vets since it was opened in 2007.  He enjoys all aspects of the job but recently his interests have focused on Dentistry and he hopes to soon have completed his General Practitioners Certificate in Dentistry and be able to offer advanced endodontic procedures such as root canal treatments.

His interests outside of work include looking after his 2 teenage boys and small menagerie of pets and when time allows continuing his running goals following on from the successful completion of the Paris Marathon in 2022.

Esme' Gonzalez BVMS MRCVS

Esme’ has been a vet for several years now but growing was inspired by her father’s commitment, dedication, and passion in caring for animals.  She would come home from school to find that he had brought home yet again another sick or injured animal he wanted to help. It would drive her mother crazy but fill her with joy and excitement. As she watched and helped her father care and rehabilitate these injured creatures, She knew from an early age that she wanted to work with animals and make a difference. 

During her career, She has worked in several fields, including emergency and critical care medicine. Although working as an emergency veterinarian was extremely fulfilling, there was limited contact with owners and little opportunity to build relationships with them or their animals. As she missed this aspect of veterinary care, she moved to working in first opinion practice.

Being a veterinarian allows her to combine her passions for medicine, consulting, and building relationships. 

Katie Smith BVM&S MRCVS



Chloe Baxter

Chloe is the latest edition to our team and is our receptionist, you will always get a welcoming smile and is happy to help with anything.

Veterinary Nurses

Ashley Goacher RVN / Partner

” I have wanted to be a Vet Nurse since my teenage years.  Animal welfare has always been a huge passion of mine and what better way to do it than being a Vet Nurse and being able to educate our community.

My main passions within my role is rabbit welfare, running nurse clinics where I get to speak to all of our lovely clients, anaesthesia and one of my most important roles within our practice and one that I feel most privileged to be able to carry out is supporting our clients and their pets through end of life care.

I am generally known at the practice chatterbox and love nothing more than to hear what our clients and their special fur babies have been up to whilst creating special memories”.

Gayle Alexander RVN / Head Nurse

” I have always been lucky enough to have owned animals of all shapes and sizes when I was younger.  I believe this is where my passion came from for looking after them and nursing them back to health when sick.  I always wanted to become an RVN because I love being an advocate for this animals that have no voice of their own and I love watching  them make great recoveries.  I have worked at A+G Vets for the majority of my time since qualifying as I believe they truly have their patients best interest at heart.  I have a keen interest in dentistry and general nursing of patients”.

Jodi Beveridge RVN

Jodi wanted to become a Vet Nurse because she could never imagine herself doing anything else.  “I’ve always wanted to work with animals and never thought I’d be able to get to a point where I have a degree that means I can care for peoples beloved pets on a daily basis.  Animals have always been a major part of my life and always will be as I continue to progress as an RVN”.

Jodi has a keen interest in schedule 3 surgery and behaviour which she hopes to advance on through further courses and certificates.  Another area she loves is inpatient care as she finds it very rewarding.

Gemma Bennett RVN

” I wanted to become a Veterinary Nurse because growing up I always had animals around me, which meant regular visits to the Vets.  From these experiences I always wanted to become an RVN at a young age and pursued this through high-school.

I love my job for many reasons- no two days are the same and I get to support the furry members of the family from the puppy and kitten visit all the way through emergencies, routine care and even difficult medical conditions.  It is very rewarding seeing ill animals return to their usual self and re-uniting them back with their owners.  What I particularly like is anaesthesia and would like to further my knowledge on this and train for my certificate in the future”.

Caitlin Wood RVN

” I can’t ever remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to become a Veterinary Nurse, but once I decided there was no going back.  It has been the best decision I have ever made and every day is worth it. Working with your animals makes me feel at home and no day ever feels like work or is ever the same.

My favourite part of the job is the diagnostic testing either through our in house laboratory or through radiography.

Animal Care Assistant

Kristina Thomas


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