Adolescent Health Check

Before coming for your FREE adolescent health check, please read through this checklist and tick all the boxes that apply.  During your appointment, the nurse will go through the checklist and answer any questions which may arise.

1. Eyes

Eyes should be clear & bright, with no redness, dryness or discharges

  • Has your pet experienced any eye problems?
  • Do you routinely clean your puppy’s eyes?

2.  Ears

Ears should be clean, with no smell, discharge, itching, head shaking or redness.

  • Has your pet experienced any ear problems?
  • Do you routinely clean your puppy’s ears?

3.  Teeth

Your puppy’s teeth should be in the process of falling out & being replaced with adult teeth.

  • Are there any retained teeth?
  • Have you noticed any drop in appetite with your pet?
  • Have you noticed any offensive mouth odour from your puppy?
  • Are you brushing your dog’s teeth?  If so, what with?

4. Nails

Puppies normally keep their nails short by walking on hard surfaces, such as pavements.

  • Do your puppy’s nails need clipping?

5.     Nutrition

Nutrition is the key to successful development.  Are you concerned about any aspect of your puppy’s nutrition?

  • Poor appetite.
  • Excessive appetite.
  • Loose, smelly, bloody or abnormal faeces.
  • Excessive flatulence.
  • Poor coat condition.

6.  Weight

We will weigh your puppy at the health check – how do you feel your puppy’s weight is?

  • Just right
  • Overweight
  • Under weight

7.      Exercise

All puppies should enjoy exercise and play.  Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Does your dog dislike exercise?
  • Is your puppy lame before, during or after exercise?
  • Does your puppy get out of breath easily?

8.  Worming

When was your puppy last wormed and which product was used?

9.  Flea Control

All puppies are likely to encounter fleas as they go through life.  Has your puppy got any signs of a flea infestation?

  • Excessive scratching/
  • Flea dirt through their coat

We can show you how to test for fleas and discuss your requirements.

10.  Vaccination

By now your puppy should have had a full vaccination against Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis.

  • Is your puppy’s vaccination complete?
  • Does your puppy require protection against “Kennel Cough”?

11.  Neutering

  • Do you wish to breed from your puppy in the future?
  • Do you intend to get your dog / bitch neutered?

12.  Behaviour / Training

  • Did you attend a puppy socialisation class?
  • Do you attend any classes now?
  • Does your puppy have any undesirable habits?
  • Are you having any problems in training your puppy?

13.  Microchip

A microchip allows you and your dog to be reunited should they get lost.  It is a small implant that is “injected” under the skin, between the shoulder blades.  It has a unique code, which belongs to your pet.

14. Collar and Tag

It is a legal requirement for your puppy to wear a collar and tag when outside the garden.

15.  Pet Insurance

Having pet insurance allows you to choose the best veterinary care for your pet without having to worry about the cost.

  • Do you have your pet insured for veterinary care?


We are an Appointment Representative of Petplan, which means all our staff have been trained in the promotion of Petplan insurance.  This means we can:

  • Contact Petplan to discuss cases,
  • Query a claims decision on behalf of a client,
  • Complete all sections of a Petplan claim form,
  • Complete the veterinary section of other insurance forms

We cannot give advice on other insurer’s policies or discuss claims with other insurance companies.

16. A+ Plan – Pet Care Health Plan

Since September 2010, we have been promoting the A+ Plan, our preventative health care plan.  For a monthly Direct Debit, you will receive all the preventative treatment required to keep your pet happy and healthy, allowing you to budget throughout the year.

This would include –

  • Annual vaccination booster.
  • Annual Infectious Bronchitis booster (KC Vaccine)
  • Year round worm treatment
  • Year round flea treatment
  • Two full clinical exams per year
  • Additional discounts within the practice, including 10% off operations, radiography, fluid therapy &  shop  sales.
  • Optional Accidental Injury Cover
  • Extended payment scheme

If the A+ Plan would be of interest to you, please ask for more details at your Adolescent Health Check or sign up the next time you come into the surgery.

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